Ground Logic Pathfinder XC Commercial Grade Stand-On Spreader / Sprayer

Ground Logic Pathfinder XC Commercial Grade Stand-On Spreader / Sprayer
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Ground Logic Pathfinder XC Commercial Grade Stand-On Spreader / Sprayer

The Pathfinder XC is a commercial grade spreading and spraying model for those who need the capability of applying granular fertilizer and liquid herbicides. This model is intended for the needs of larger properties and sports fields. 100% Stainless Steel Construction. Fits through 36" openings.

Model: GX200‐URH2
RPM: Full speed: 3750 rpm (no load) Idle: 1400 rpm.
2:1 gear reduction with a wet clutch.

Capacity: 2.5 gal (9.5 L).
Type of fuel: Regular unleaded gasoline, 87 octanes or higher.
Fuel shut‐off valves: Located on the engine and below the tank.

Transmission Model: Peerless 855 Series.
Gear selections: 2 forward, 1 reverse, neutral.
Speed: 3.5 mph (5.6 km/hour) low gear, 5.0 mph (8.0 km/hour) high gear.

Front tires: 18 x 950 - 8, RV antifreeze added for ballast and traction.
Rear tires: 13 x 650 – 6

Spreader model: Spyker 220 Series.
Capacity: 220 lb.

Spray Pump: 2.0 GPM mechanically driven diaphragm pump.
Tank: 16.0 gallon (60.6 L) capacity.
Nozzles: Turbo FloodJet TF‐VS5 (broadcast), Turbo TeeJet TT11004VP (trim).
Spray Patterns: 10’ wide pattern for general spraying, 3’ narrow pattern for trim spraying.
Spray Pressure: Regulated to 25 psi (172 kPa) to match ground speed with tip output.
Spray Rate: Adjustable from 1/4 to 1/2 gallon per thousand square feet.

Overall length: 58.0” (147 cm).
Overall width: 35.5” (90 cm).
Overall height: 49.0” (124 cm).
Weight: 450 lb. (204kg) dry, 670 lb. (304kg) full, 870 lb. (394 kg) full with 200 lb. (91 kg) rider.

Charging system: N/A
Charging capacity: N/A
Safety interlock system: This machine is equipped with a neutral safety start module. To start the engine, the transmission must be in the neutral (N) position.

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